Division of IT

Local Phone Service

The Division of IT provides inexpensive local phone services to UM system and MU departments. Choose from a wide variety of features, equipment, and accessories.

Departments requiring specialized voice services or equipment, such as key telephone systems, call tree applications and Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) should call the Division of IT at (573)882-5000 to schedule a complete needs assessment.

If you are uncertain of your specific needs, contact a Telecom/IT Analyst for consultation.


Installation fees and monthly charges apply for telephone services. Basic dialtone is $12.25 per line per month. The telecommunications installation rate is $61 per hour with a one-hour minimum. If there is not a jack available for the installation of the line and wire must be run, there will be an additional charge of $25 per line.

Departments should review their telecommunications bill via PeopleSoft on a monthly basis and report any billing discrepancies to (573)882-5000.

  • Credits for telecommunications equipment and services will be issued for up to three previous billing cycles.
  • No credits will be issued for discrepancies which cross fiscal years, even if the request is within the three billing cycle time frame.
  • Credits for missing equipment charges will be issued for up to three previous billing cycles.

For additional information on policies governing telecommunications services, consult the MU Business Policy & Procedure Manual (BPPM).

To request MoCode changes to phones, data ports, radios and any other items billed monthly via Source Code CEQ, complete the account code change form.


Requests should be submitted through the Division of IT's MyServices application.


The following instructions are in the KnowledgeBase. Please login to view the material.


In the event of an emergency, Smart911 provides critical information to first responders. Users set up a free account and provide their critical information, which is registered to the phone number (cell or landline). Then, in the event that 911 is called from a registered phone, first responders have access to the user’s critical information. Users are responsible for maintaining their current information. Smart911 is supported by Joint Communications and the City of Columbia.

No-Call Lists

Annoyed with telemarketers? The 882 and 884 exchanges are not eligible for protection under the federal or state no-call lists. There are several things you can do to reduce the number of calls received. To help reduce the risk of receiving these calls, do not provide your campus phone number on web sites or online registration sites as this information is often shared/sold to telemarketing firms. In fact, sharing your phone number in general (electronically or on paper) increases the risk of receiving these types of calls.

For more information about your rights under no-call protection, visit the Missouri Attorney General's Office web page.