Division of IT: Network Services

Virtual Private Networking Service

Virtual Private Networking (VPN) provides encrypted access to University resources from off campus. Cisco AnyConnect is available for Windows, OS X, iOS, some Linux distributions, and some Android devices.

Users with TigerLink 56K Dial-Up or Mizzou TigerNet (on-campus) connections do not need to use VPN to access MU-specific resources. Visit AnyConnect.missouri.edu to install the client.

Types of Service

AnyConnect offers three types of connections:/

  • Generic: This group gives access to basic services on campus and can be used by any active faculty, staff, students and consultants.
  • Employee: This group can only be used by University employees and gives slightly more access than the Generic group.
  • Departmental Groups: Check with your department’s IT Professional to see if you should be using a department-specific groups.


  • Basic VPN Service: No Charge
  • Department-Specific Group Setup: Setup $110 (non-recurring), then $10/month. Contact your IT Pro. Use MyServices to request a full needs assessment.

Firewall VPN

Departments that have the Division of IT's firewall offering may opt to use the firewall's built-in VPN feature. A full description of this service is available on the firewall service page. Use MyServices to request a full needs assessment.


To begin using the new VPN client, install it from AnyConnect.missouri.edu.