Division of IT: About The Division

Organizational Structure

The Division of IT represents UM and MU central IT. The Division reports to Dr. Gary Allen, who serves as both the MU Chief Information Officer and the Vice President for Information Technology (view organizational chart).

Information Security

Beth Chancellor
MU Associate Chief Information Officer
UM Chief Information Security Officer
615 Locust St.
Columbia, MO 65211

The Information Security unit comprises two main groups: Information Security & Access Management (ISAM) and SSN Remediation.

ISAM provides security services to all University of Missouri business units in Columbia, including the MU campus, UM System offices and UMHC. ISAM handles account management activities, information security awareness programs, information security assessments, incident prevention, incident response and IT-centric Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity programs.

SSN Remediation is a project group primarily dedicated to fundamentally changing the manner in which the University collects, stores, and uses Social Security Numbers (SSNs) when such uses are required for business and academic purposes.

As a staffing function, the Information Security group also manages IT-related contract reviews and development of system-wide information security policies.

Enterprise Applications Services

John Gillispie
Associate Vice President
1000 W. Nifong, Bldg 6
Columbia, MO 65203

Enterprise Applications Services (EAS) maintains the computer applications that serve the entire UM enterprise. These responsibilities include development and implementation, maintenance, management, and support. EAS currently has 69 employees, most of whom work in the Locust Street Building near the MU campus. The technical team for Human Resources and the UM System HR staff are based in the Woodrail complex in south Columbia.

Two thirds of EAS staff maintain the Oracle/PeopleSoft applications that support Finance & Administration, Human Resources, and Enrollment and Student Management and Administration for the entire UM System. This staff also maintains additional applications that extend and enhance the PeopleSoft applications or help EAS deliver administrative computing services more effectively.

The remaining third of the EAS staff develops and maintains a variety of computer applications for a wide range of customers and for the Division of IT itself. These applications include Advance, which supports the system-wide Alumni Development offices; ImageNow, which allows departments throughout UM to convert paper documents to electronic form in order to increase efficiency; and the Faculty Accomplishment System, which captures and documents the scholarly activities of faculty on all UM campuses.

Customer Service & Support

Kevin Bailey
615 Locust St.
Columbia, MO 65211

Customer Service & Support provides all first-tier and some second-tier support functions for products and services offered by the combined IT division. In addition, Customer Service & Support coordinates and consults with IT staff on all four campuses in the areas of first- and second-tier support, vendor relations, support standards, volume purchase agreements, and special projects.

Customer Service & Support groups include Computing Sites, the IT Help Desk, the ID Office, IT Training, and Technology Support Services.

Finance, Administration, & Human Resources

Nikki Witting
615 Locust St.
Columbia, MO 65211

The Finance, Administration, and HR teams provide support and services for procurement, inventory, accounts payable and receivable, switchboard and front desk, travel arrangements and reporting, software licensing, finance, budgeting and accounting, rate settings, human resources activities, and payroll.

Research Support Computing

Dr. Gordon Springer
920 S. College
Columbia, MO 65211

The Research Support Computing (RSC) group supports the MU research community. RSC solicits input from researchers and assesses needs for specialized, high-performance computing and networking resources.

RSC works to ensure that the campus' computing and networking infrastructure is positioned to support researchers and to provide education, training, and consulting for them to take full advantage of the resources available.

Systems & Operations / Telecom

Bryan Roesslet
920 S. College
Columbia, MO 65211

Systems & Operations / Telecom consists of five units: Email, System Administration, Data Center Services, Production Support, E-commerce and Telecommunications.

The Email unit provides email for faculty, staff, and students, as well as overall support for infrastructure, including Exchange, Live Communication Server and Active Directory.

Telecommunications consists of Technical Services and Data Network Planning and Support. Together, they provide voice, data and video transport and services.

UM Production Support administers UM System PeopleSoft Enterprise applications for Finance, Human Resources, and Student Information Systems. The Tidal application is used to schedule and monitor the mission-critical PeopleSoft processes in addition to Cognos HR reports. MoveIT is used to securely transfer sensitive administrative data, including SSNs, to and from internal and external entities of the University of Missouri. ASG-Mobius DocumentDirect archives PeopleSoft administrative reports such as student bills, invoices, pay advices and miscellaneous reports in compliance with state and federal record retention guidelines.

System Administration maintains UNIX, Linux, MVS, and Windows operating systems and their related enterprise storage solutions.

Data Center Services provides a secure and environmentally controlled facility to house computing systems for MU organizations.

The E-commerce unit manages, deploys, secures and supports university e-commerce applications.

Strategic Project Management Office

John Nemec
615 Locust St.
Columbia, MO 65211

Strategic Project Management Office manages the selection and execution of enterprise projects in accordance with strategic plans and resource constraints.